The Community Edition Project

Stage 4: Marketing Campaign submissions now open

Develop a creative treatment for the launch of Phone (2a) Community Edition. Consider how you would approach a campaign film, key visuals and tagline.

Submissions are now open. Get started by reading the brief below.

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How it works


There will be four stages involved in bringing the product to life. Choose the stage that best suits your skills. Then, when submissions open, upload images, video and other supporting media that showcase your idea.


When submissions close, voting begins. Community, this is your chance to show support for your favourite entries.


All valid submissions will be judged by our internal panels to select the winner of each stage. Community voting will be a key deciding factor.


Each of the four winners will collaborate with a relevant Nothing Team to bring their idea to life. Coming together to build the final Community Edition - the ultimate version of Phone (2a).

Stage: 3 Packaging design winner

Less is More - Ian Henry Simmonds

"We were very impressed by a number of submissions but it was Ian's that really stood out. It felt familiar to Nothing but also new and interesting, with the super-macro crop. Graphically, it was bold but with a welcome level of simplicity. There is something captivating about his use of a single camera lens, so large in frame. It plays on the original Phone (2a) narrative: Fresh Eyes. Also the use of UV materials was interesting yet restrained, which felt well-considered."

Stage 2: Wallpaper design winner

Connected Collection - Andrés Mateos

"Andres’ overall effort, creatively layered process and high-quality final output have awarded him.

The approach impressively combined hand-drawn elements and a variety of tools for sketching, digitalising, AI generating, and post-editing to create a unique, layered, and rich process. Leading him to create a set of designs that would look at home on (2a) Community Edition’s phospherence-inspired hardware.

A unique concept that naturally feels part of Nothing’s DNA. Well done, Andres!"

Stage: 1 Hardware design winner

Phosphorescence - Kenta Akasaki & Astrid Vanhuyse

"With an innovative use of materials, Kenta and Astrid's submission feels true to Nothing's vision. Playful, meaningful and just the right level of unexpected. Their concept, Phosphorescence, was well-realised with a great story and research behind it. The duo clearly thought about how to communicate their inspiration for the project, and how it could work in our existing product lineup."

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Project timeline


Stage 2

Wallpaper Design

Design a series of wallpapers to seamlessly integrate with the winning hardware design. The winning collection will ship pre-installed on Phone (2a) Community Edition.


Stage 3

Packaging Design

Think outside the box with a design of the packaging. Your chance to devise a special unboxing experience that ties together the hardware and wallpaper design from stages one and two.


Stage 4

Marketing Campaign

Ideate and submit a creative proposal for the marketing of Phone (2a) Community Edition. With support from our Brand & Creative team, you will develop a visual identity and a bank of assets that will be used to promote the phone when it goes on sale.

6 months

4 winners

1 product

Every product that Nothing has released to date has been designed with its community in mind. The Community Edition Project allows Nothing to co-create, leveraging the talents of its most creative followers.

Six months, four stages, one phone. Across that time we’ll be collecting entries for the design of the ultimate version of Phone (2a). Spanning hardware, wallpapers, packaging and marketing, winners at each stage will get the chance to engage directly with the Nothing Team as they bring their creations to life. 

At the end of the project, winners will be invited to London to be part of the Community Edition launch event. Showcasing their work to the world and officially launching the device.

Terms and conditions apply.

Watch the video below for all the details.

Phone (2a)

Feel the power to do it all with a phone that uses less. Thoughtfully designed from the inside-out to feel unmistakably Nothing. With an exceptional dual 50 MP rear camera and a wonderfully bright flexible AMOLED display.

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