US Developer Program

Our powerfully unique new smartphone has arrived in the US. 

Choose your Phone (2a) model below or learn about its key features of Phone (2a) here

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Glyph Developer Kit

Bring your app to the iconic Glyph Interface. Head to Github via the link below to get started.  

Once you’re all set. Tap the button below to get your API key.



  • Nothing US Developer Program

    In the US, Phone (2a) is accessible to developers exclusively through Nothing’s US Developer Program. Participants will be provided a Phone (2a) and are encouraged to provide feedback on their experience and outcomes using the Glyph Developer Kit.

  • The membership costs $349 and will include:

    - Phone (2a) Black or Milk 12 + 256 GB 
    - Access to Glyph Developer Kit

  • Optional bundle available with Case, available when purchasing the membership, the price of the membership bundle is $364

  • Shipping starts March 12. Typically takes 5-7 days and you’ll receive a notification once your Phone (2a) is on its way.

  • You can learn more about Glyph Developer Kit from our official GitHub repository. Once you are all set, fill in this form to get your API key.

  • To share your feedback or discuss your experiences, please use the following link to post your queries to our community:Nothing Community Glyph SDK.

  • US (50 states)

  • No, not at the moment, the Developer Program is currently only available to the US (50 states)

  • No, the Phone (2a) Black/Milk 12 + 256GB is the designated device for this program.

  • No, the Phone (2a) you receive is the same unit sold globally.

  • The US Phone (2a) is mainly for development purposes. As there are some limitations with carriers in the US, we can’t guarantee full functionality and compatibility with cell carriers.

    Below is a list of carrier bands that Phone (2a) supports. Please check with your carrier for more information. CDMA is not supported.

    Carrier: AT&T

    - LTE Bands: 4/5/66
    - 5G Bands: not supported

    Carrier: T-Mobile

    - LTE Bands: 4/5/41/66
    - 5G Bands: N41

    Carrier: Verizon

    - LTE Bands: 4/5/66
    - 5G Bands: not supported

    Please note, not all carriers will fully allow Phone (2a) to operate on their network.
    Please check the limitations for each of the main US carriers below:

    - AT&T: 5G network is not supported. 4G and 3G are supported. 
    Additionally VoLTE and VoWifi will not work.

    - T-Mobile: 3G, 4G and 5G are supported, however, not all 5G bands are supported.

    - Verizon: Compatibility with Verizon is very limited. We do not recommend using Phone (2a) with Verizon. Verizon 5G and CDMA networks are not supported. 4G is supported. Prior to using your Phone (2a), you will need to contact Verizon customer service to add Phone (2a) IMEI to their database.

  • Yes, the phone can be used with compatible mobile networks worldwide.

  • Please contact our customer service and we’ll get a replacement shipped to you.

  • We have a 14-day return policy. Within 14 days from the day you receive your Phone (2a), the phone can be returned and the membership can be refunded. There’s no after-sales service beyond this period.

    Please note that the shipping fee will be charged for the no-reason return. Self-mailing is not supported.